12V Battery Side Posts

12V Battery Side Posts


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Provide trusted starting power for your gas powered golf cart by installing a 12V lead acid battery. This battery is designed to provide superior and efficient cranking power to the starter, ignition system and other on board computers. Having a reliable battery is key for accomplishing all of your important activities, whether for work or play. This battery is an OEM recommended product.

Product Specs:

  • 12 volt flooded lead acid battery 
  • Side post terminal mounts
    • Battery terminal bolt extenders will be necessary for installation
  • Cold cranking amps (CCA) - 525 A
  • Group 75 battery 
  • Reserve capacity - 85 minutes
  • Designed to provide power for the starter, ignition system and other onboard computers
  • 30 lbs 

Fits Models:

E-Z-GO Express L6 EFI 2019-2021
E-Z-GO Express S6 EFI 2019-2021
E-Z-GO RXV Fleet EFI 2019-2020
E-Z-GO RXV 2+2 EFI 2019-2020
E-Z-GO Express S4 EFI 2019-2021
E-Z-GO Freedom TXT EFI 2019-2020
E-Z-GO Freedom RXV EFI 2019-2020
E-Z-GO TXT Fleet EFI 2019-2020
E-Z-GO Valor EFI 2019-2020
E-Z-GO TXT 2+2 EFI 2019-2020
CUSHMAN Hauler 1200 EFI 2019+
CUSHMAN Hauler 1200X EFI 2019+
CUSHMAN Hauler 800 EFI 2019+
CUSHMAN Refresher EFI 2019+
CUSHMAN Shuttle 2 EFI 2019+
CUSHMAN Shuttle 2+2 EFI 2019+
CUSHMAN Shuttle 4 EFI 2019+
CUSHMAN Shuttle 6 EFI 2019+
E-Z-GO Express L6 EFI 2021+
E-Z-GO Express S4 EFI 2021+
E-Z-GO Express S6 EFI 2021+

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